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Taking Care of Trance
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Welcome to TranceLand™!

TranceLandÖ Productions Comes Alive!
Welcome to TranceLand!

Whether you use our music for self-hypnosis, meditation, massage, yoga or as a backdrop to your hypnotic or training sessions with your clients or for your personal rejuvenation, you will develop a deep appreciation for what both Howard & Elvis are undertaking at TranceLand™ Productions.


For many years Elvis Lester has studied the impact that music has on the body and the mind including works involved in healing, energy work, meditation, hypnosis & changework. This enthusiasm and knowledge along with Elvis' passion for music has now come together to offer you HypnoSonics creations - downloads of technics, trances & mini-trainings that will improve your...

"Talent for Trance-Formation".

Howard and Elvis have begun this adventure to provide superb music that is of the utmost quality to extend the power & impact of hypnotic trance and deep reflection, relaxation and meditation.

Elvis Lester & Howard Helm have teamed up to create & produce music that provides you a backdrop for deep trance, hypnotic experience & a robust, reflective soundscape for trance enthusiasts. And, best of all, you can license our music to use on your productions!

Howard Helm's musical skills & life-long expertise as a professional musician & showman is the perfect partnership to bring to life Elvis' dream of providing healers & humanity worldwide a wonderfully refreshing opportunity to "experience the difference" that music with a purpose can make. Enjoy & recommend this music & Elvis' HypnoSonics™ creations to your friends. It will soothe & relax you & them deeply!

Thank you for visiting TranceLand™. We invite you to surf the site as you will find many jewels and treasures that can add significant value to your experience of you. Make sure you take a peek at Song Titles & our HypnoSonics Creations & downloads, Audio & Video Demos. More info just below.

Thank you, thank you very much!

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Taking Care of Trance in a Flash!
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HypnoSonics music and downloads are designed specifically as tools for imporving your life & the way you lead it.

We encourage you to "watch, listen, learn & lead" your life to its fullest potential with the aid our tools, technics, trances & trainings.

"Tools for Talent Trance-Formation"


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